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 The full product line of   Tyler T-Grip Adaptors and Custom Made Trigger Shoes

Available in Aluminum or Bronze in a variety of finishes

 For:   Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger, Rossi, and Taurus





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Our shipping times vary, depending on the volume of orders that come in at any particular time.  We generally estimate a 2 to 3 week ship time, however, it is impossible to predict the volume of orders at any particular time.  We generally say 2 to 3 weeks but shipping times can vary at anytime. 







Thank you to all of our customer that have waited patiently for your orders to be completed.

We have finalized our move to the new location.  We have continued to work through our log of back orders during the COVID Pandemic.  Despite a lack of materials from our raw goods suppliers and our own staffing tribulations we are now producing at full capacity.  We are shipping all back orders and hope to be caught up soon and will be stocking inventory ready for shipment.  Thank you again for all the support from our wonderful customers and community of revolver enthusiast.


Working this week to package and ship out the bulk of the back orders for the flat and shiny black powder coated T-Grips. 





Please mail in a check or money order, see instructions above or on our order form.    We appreciate your business. 

 Tyler MFG, PO Box 492, Newalla OK 74857



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Thank you all so much for your support of our family owned and operated business.






These items are true heirlooms. Solid Bronze throughout. They will add beauty, character, and style to your treasured revolver.

If you want something to match your finish a little closer you might want to consider our Polished or Brushed Aluminum Finish, Flat Black Powder Coat Finish, or Shiny Black Powder Coat Finish.


Prices range from $32.00 for our BRUSHED Aluminum, (This finish goes well with Stainless Or Dull Satin Finish Handguns.)

$32.00 for our FULL POLISH Aluminum, (The Full Polish finish matches best to guns that are Nickel or Chrome Plated.)

$30.00 for the FLAT or SHINY Black Powder Coated Aluminum, (These blend nicely with Dull or Parkerized Black, and Blued Finishes, respectively.)

And $38.00 for our very classy Manganese BRONZE T-Grip, in either a BRUSHED or FULL POLISH Finish. (If your gun has any Gold Inlays, Engraving or rich wooden grips, the Bronze will add a lot of beauty to your piece.)

Our Grip Adaptors fit a variety of Handguns, such as Smith and Wesson, Taurus, Rossi, Charter Arms, Llama, Colt, and Ruger. Please refer to our T-Grip Listing to find your specific model. If you don't see your model listed give us a ring  and we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with your purchase.

T-Grip Listing Index


Looking for Trigger Shoes? You found them!

They attach easily using the two set screws, tightened with an Allen wrench.  The wrench is provided.

Trigger Shoe Listing

Trigger shoes add approximately 1/8 of an inch to both sides of the trigger, this adds an overall total width of 1/4".

The shoe covers the face of the trigger and creates a wider surface area. The wider trigger face distributes the pull of the trigger.  For more efficiency of the pull with less perceived resistance from the trigger itself.

Center ridges on the Trigger Shoe face aid in finger placement and are slip resistant. Trigger shoes are available in a sturdy black powder coat finish.


World Famous

T-Grip Adaptors!

Invented by Melvin Tyler, our Grip Adaptors are perfect for concealing small guns without losing any grip-ability!

Polished or Brushed Aluminum, Mirror or Brushed Bronze or Flat or Shiny Black Powder Coat Finish.

Grip Adaptors enable the user to have a sturdy grip around the frame of their revolver without adding extra bulk. The
T-Grip acts as a finger grove or extension, much like you would find on oversized after market gun grips.

The T-Grip is intended to be used with single side panel grips that do not wrap around the front of the frame of the gun.

The T-Grip is a great alternative to bulky plastic or rubber grips that push the palm of the hand out too much making it difficult to hold the weapon effectively. You will be surprised at the increase in accuracy and comfort when shooting on the range.

T-Grip Fitting Chart

Perfect for a sleek carry pistol.

The T-Grip Adaptor won't grab your clothes like other grips. So you don't have to worry about your revolver being noticed through your shirt or pants.


Simple, no gunsmith needed!

Just loosen your grips and slide the copper prongs in between your grips and the frame of the gun. Adjust into place, then tighten your grips. EASY!