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Provided By:  Mike

Smith & Wesson with Ivorex Grips
Handsome and Outstanding! Nice Work

Provided By:  E.M., Colt Lawman

Contributed by:  J.J.,   Kingtown, RI

Provided By:  P.M.,  Rossi .38

Fine Looking Piece!!! Thanks for Sharing!

Shop Photo Favorite!!
Provided By:  J.C., Illinois

Real Excited to get his Order!  Glad you like it J.H.!
Provided By:  J.H. BrookField, CT

This Black T-Grip Traveled all the Way to Stavanger Norway
Contributed By:  G.O.

Thanks Loyal Customers.  Keep Sending Those Pictures, we will be glad to Post Them!!!

If you would like us to add a picture of your gun with a Tyler T-Grip or Trigger Shoe to our Web Page, just text us a picture to:  405-625-4992, and we will get it up-loaded with your initials, and your city and town. 

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